Leadership – English Service

Pastor Christina & Gordon Tan

Gordon and Christina were born in Sarawak, Malaysia . Christina lived most of her childhood life in Brunei . After a divine encounter with God, she accepted Jesus as her Savior and Lord in 1977. Soon after that, she received God’s call on her life. In between ministry she took up Bible and Theology programs from a local Malaysian college and an American University . In 2004 she became a licensed minister with an American missionary organization.

In her 30 years of ministry she has helped set up several children ministry department in different churches, trained Sunday school teachers, wrote several Sunday school curriculum for use in the mission field (example, Russia, India, Bhutan, Sudan …), teaches in a Bible College, and together with her husband, Gordon, helped a few pastors in their pioneering work in newly planted churches. She has a heart for missions and does yearly mission trips.

While pursuing an Engineering degree in UK, Gordon accepted Jesus as his Savior and Lord in 1979. At the Mission 1980 conference in Lausanne, Switzerland, he felt the call to be a tentmaker, but did not know how to do it. The Lord opened the door for him to join an international oilfield service company that same year and enabled Gordon to visit more than 150 cities in 37 countries.

The Lord gave Gordon his first song the week after he was born again but after that, when he attempted to write more songs, he was unable to find the words. In 1992, Gordon was convicted to write songs using the Word of God (Logos and Rhema). Since then he has been writing prophetic worship songs to the Lord and shares them on the Internet.

Gordon and Christina has three sons; Gideon, Leeron and Christon who all minister together in IFGF Houston.