As a body of Christ, we want to care for each other and grow together in Christ. In Care groups, we learn to care for each other, share our joys and needs, pray for each other, have a fellowship together, learn more about God and His will for our lives and last but not the least, have fun together.

We have Care groups for all walks of life: teenagers, young professionals and families. Our Care groups meet at various places once a week on Friday or Saturday night. Please contact us if you’re interested to join and be a part of the family.

180 Degree, a vibrant care group for teenagers
Contact: Kartika Walewangko (713-405-9244/ tika_suka_basket@yahoo.com)

Higher Ground, a dynamic care group for college students and young professionals
Contact: Arnold Giovanni (832-704-0367/ arnold_giovanni@hotmail.com) and Felicia Pranata (713-530-5168 / via_pranata@hotmail.com)

Family, a life-building care group for families
Contact: Efraim & Imelda P. Tamba (281-467-8041/ ipangemanan@yahoo.com)

Prayer Home-meetings
Contact: Gideon Santoso (832-829-7121, gideonas@yahoo.com)